Sacarri Gallery! 

Sacarri  is ...

Owner,  Founder & Creative Director at Sacarri Gallery LLC. 

Sacarri is a reputable Mixed Media Artist, Production & Film Set Designer from Chicago. She's known for her vibrant art and captivating film set decor that draws you into it's element visually.  She's  earned film credits at Cinespace Chicago Film Studioes, IMDB, SAG /Aftra Films, Independant Films, Media outlets, Film Festivals, AVic Flik Films,  Teharah J. Ent.  and Live Art performances as well. Take a peek at her Art & Set Design page while you're here.

Contact S. Gallery 

Office:  708-964-7669

Email:  [email protected]

Indigo Hues  by Lisa Sacarri