Sacarri Gallery 

A “Sacarri” is always the focal point in a room!


Lisa Sacarri 

is a Chicago native who attended Columbia College Chicago. Majoring in Musical Theatre her experience in the arts spectrums. From acting on stage, creating authentic paintings and bringing film scripts to visual reality with Production and Set Design. Her work is published in various media outlets, SAG/AFTRA films and IMDB.

What I Do

“I create authentic works of art, sometimes live for weddings, films, business events or any special occasions. The live art performance (pictured left) was at Hubbard Street Lofts in Chicago. Here I’m creating a 6’ painting as “Christopher LeMark” performs his production to his live audience. I created the Set Design also and placed myself in it painting live.”

What our customers are saying

“ I love my “Sacarri” painting so much I used her services for my wedding. This young lady is amazing at capturing moments.”

Jane Case - JC Film Company, LLC